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Huw Watkins Piano Quartet (2012)

For 2 violins, viola, cello and piano

10 minutes


I wrote my Piano Quartet in 2012 for the Schubert Ensemble, who are giving it its first performance at London's Spitalfields Festival. It is a single movement work that lasts around ten minutes. It begins quietly and simply, the piano initially silent. A jolt from the piano leads into a much faster, more restless section. There is a return to the tranquil opening material, before a final reappearance of the faster music, leading to an unexpectedly serene conclusion.

© Huw Watkins

This piece was commissioned by the Schubert Ensemble and Spitalfields Music with funds gratefully received from the Leche Trust, The Schubert Ensemble Trust and the Spitalfields Music New Music Commission Fund. It was first performed by the Schubert Ensemble at the Spitalfields Summer Festival, London on 19th June 2012.


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