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Howard Skempton Spadesbourne Suite (1995)

For violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano

5 minutes

1. Grazioso     

2. Leggiero      

3. Dolce


Spadesbourne Suite was composed in January 1995 for the Schubert Ensemble of London, and first performed by them on 24 March 1995 in Bromsgrove. It was the last of four pieces written for the 1994/5 season of Bromsgrove Concerts. One of these, Gemini Dances, was a formal commission (supported with funds from West Midlands Arts). The others were written in response to a request from Jennie-McGregor-Smith of Bromsgrove Concerts for short pieces for some of the other programmes. My gratitude at being thus elevated to the status of featured composer, even if I did no more than ‘maintain a presence’, persuaded me to name this brief suite after the Bromsgrove venue. Punning titles are generally to be avoided but this one was irresistible (the Spadesbourne Hall forms part of the Spadesbourne Suite of buildings).

© Howard Skempton

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