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Pavel Zemek Novák Royal Funeral Procession on Iona (1995)

For violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano 

12 minutes


1. Royal Funeral Procession

2. Play of Waves

3. Islands of Light


The piece, a memory of a trip to a wonderful island off the northern coast of Scotland, contemplates some aspects of human wandering through life.


The first movement, Royal Funeral Procession, expresses humble acceptance for human destiny.


Play of Waves, the second movement, depicts disinterested nature around us, and is a light counterpart to the opening movement and a reflection on the lightness of our burden


The last movement Islands of Light is an image of the light spreading over the end of our earthly wandering (the way of light thrown on everything that has passed, final understanding of everything through the light).


The piece is dedicated to The Schubert Ensemble. 


Royal Funeral Procession on Iona was commissioned with funds made available by the Schubert Ensemble Trust and the Brighton Festival, and premiered by the Schubert Ensemble at the Brighton Festival on 10 May 1995.


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