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Pavel Zemek Novák Lord, We Seek the Song of the Chosen (1991)

For piano trio

17 minutes

"Lord We Seek the Song of the Chosen" (Apocalypse 14, 1-3) 


1.         Lento (Introitus)

            Menuet du carême I, II, III

2.         Lento


Part One, with the typical feature of constant tempo and rhythm changes within a varying three-beat time, is based on three Lenten dances.  The symbol of Lent points to a time of fasting, repentance and a turning away from sin, with a constant move upwards, where the most beautiful harmonies can be heard and from where bits and pieces of these harmonies descend down on us.


After a cello cantilena at the beginning of Part Two, the whole movement leads towards 33 bars in F sharp major, the centre of our tonal system.  Here is a symbol of our effort to come near the principle of the Creator's Love which is the centre of the Universe.


The whole composition is a piece of variously shaped one-part music seeking to unify the chosen combination of chamber instruments.  The relation of cello and piano is often based on the principle of doubled basso continuo, which is sometimes even transferred to the upper violin-piano line.


This piece was commissioned by the Schubert Ensemble and first performed at the Cardiff Festival in October 1991. It is dedicated to The Schubert Ensemble. 

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